Being Together

join our high-vibe tribe of conscious collaborators and explore a daily practice of Being

You're invited to a quiet little patch of the internet, where you can be present, connect, and awaken within (without unnecessary distractions).

Being Together is an emerging group of incredible resources, thought-provoking conversations, and ideas that can support you in your daily practice of consciousness and being

This group is being formed during a time when social media is fueling feelings of anxiousness, fear, stress, and powerlessness. We created this space as a conscious retreat in support of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.


We gather because we live in a time when Being Conscious matters. This is a global community that gracefully embodies being conscious and shares the resources, practices, rituals, prompts, and tools that help us to continue to expand our awareness, together. 


Success without struggle
Finding Balance in the Being
Achieving Alignment in the Doing
Self-Worth found in Stillness over the 'glory' found in striving
Human Connection over hustle culture
Conscious Consumerism over cheap and convenient

We are a high-vibe tribe of conscious collaborators. We are connected through our mutual appreciation of:

our commitment to meditation, mindfulness and other conscious practices

the teachings of therapeutic guide, Kimberley Lee, and embodiment leadership mentor, Justine Bloome

this secular community of generous and heart-centred humans who are respectful, diverse, inclusive, and multi-talented

If you feel like you belong here, submit a request to join us.